Swim Coaching

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Are you looking to learn a new stroke? Or perhaps you would like to rapidly improve your front crawl swimming through video analysis? We can help you to achieve your swimming goals.
— Glovers Swim School

Video Analysis

Video analysis sessions are aimed anyone that can already swim front crawl. These sessions ideal for swimmers/triathletes/open water swimmers that are looking for improve their performance in the water.

The video analysis process

A consultation with Tom, followed by video footage of your swim taken from 4 different angles. You will then go and identify at what you are doing well within your swimming, but also whats holding you back in the water. After this you will jump back into the water for stroke correction, before walking way with the video analysis and clear plan of the drills you will need do to improve your stroke, as well as all your questions answered about how to train effectively to achieve your personal goals.

Learn to Swim Front Crawl

These sessions are aimed at beginner swimmers and triathletes who are either completely new to swimming or have a limited amount of swimming experience. The carefully designed programme we use is based on a step by step process which starts with becoming comfortable in the water, and progresses using specific drills and exercises which help to develop the Front Crawl stroke.